Clovis Community Hospital – Clovis, CA

PDF Download: Clovis Community Hospital Project Profile
Location: Clovis, CA
Project: Clovis Community Hospital Emergency Vehicle Access
System Installed: Concealed Grasscrete System

The Clovis Community Hospital, located in Clovis, California received a much needed emergency vehicle access road. The access road was recommended by the local fire department due to the need to get fire trucks close to an area that is difficult to reach in case of an emergency. The Grasscrete System was selected for the project due to it’s strength, durability and aesthetically pleasing application. Grasscrete Molded Pulp Formers were utilized for this project providing sustainability with their 100% recycled content and ability to degrade over time into the sub-soils. The project was completed within one day due to the Molded Pulp Formers ease of use. The day was spent laying the formers with reinforcement. pouring the concrete, removing the tops to create voids for the grass fillment.

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