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    Grasscrete is a pervious reinforced concrete structure for all types of trafficked areas that is either covered with grass, has grass growing in the voids of the structure or has stone in the voids of the structure. The following are reasons as to why Grasscrete is a great option:

    1. Grasscrete can channel and control stormwater runoff.
    2. Grasscrete can help lessen heat island effect.
    3. Grasscrete can help in lessening wastes because it is made up of recycled content.
    4. Grasscrete allows you to retain pond bottoms.
    5. And because of all the above-listed reasons, Grasscrete contribute to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED.

    Grasscreate provides many great benefits. Don’t forget that for all paving and concrete services, Sustainable Paving Systems is the only name you should trust. Give us a call today if you have any additonal questions regarding your perspective Grasscrete project!