How much traffic can the product withstand?

Fully grassed installations can handle periodic traffic such as maintenance access or overflow parking. This is dictated by the robustness of the grass itself. Void grassed only installations can be driven on continuously with no issues associated with plowing, high speed travel or tires turning at particular places in the installation.

How heavy of a load can Grasscrete support?

Grasscrete can be designed and installed to support any vehicle. The standard minimum installation supports vehicles weighing 75,000 pounds with more customized installations capable of supporting vehicles exceeding 150,000 pounds – including tracked vehicles.

What is the installed cost for Grasscrete vs. other pervious grass systems?

Grasscrete is generally slightly more than other pervious grassed systems such as plastic rings, plastic unit pavers and pre-cast unit pavers. However, using Grasscrete means you are using the most robust system with the lowest lifecycle costs of any pervious system with comparable capacity, durability and performance.

Can we plow Grasscrete?

Applications requiring plowing are typically applications requiring continuous vehicle use and therefore are void grassed only installations. Grasscrete installed in this manner can be plowed with conventional equipment requiring no specialized attachments or care compared to other less robust systems.

Can we use Grasscrete in lieu of a pervious concrete parking lot?

Grasscrete is commonly used as a pervious concrete parking lot where as the voids are simply filled with stone rather than grass. Unlike no-fines pervious concrete Grasscrete is easily reinforced, the reinforcing steel is not subject to corrosion due to the no fines mix of traditional pervious concrete, the mix designs are established freeze-thaw resistant, the final surface is exceedingly more abrasion resistant that pervious concrete mixes, and there is no issue with rock pop outs.nnAdditionally Grasscrete is not subject … Read more