Can Grasscrete channel storm water runoff?

Yes. Some of the most common installations for Grasscrete is river training, slope protection and channels. As it supports grass or other plants in its voids the Grasscrete system can perform as an armored layer resisting washout yet remain predominantly concealed unlike traditional concrete channels.

Can Grasscrete have a recycled content?

Yes. Both due to the 100% recycled Mold Pulp Formers and to the fact that Grasscrete does not require the same set times and finishing as traditional concrete. This means that a high fly ash or blast slag content is possible along with reclaimed aggregates such as crushed concrete.

Does Grasscrete help control storm water runoff?

Yes. Concealed and Partially Concealed Grasscrete drains comparatively to local grassed areas with similar soils. Stone Filled installations have virtually zero runoff even in a exceptional rain event provided that there is adequate capacity to contain the water beneath the Grasscrete.

Can Grasscrete be used for retaining pond bottoms?

Yes. Grasscrete is ideal for use as a retaining pond bottom as it is pervious which helps avoid liability issues associated with using non-pervious concrete for retaining pond bottoms. It can also be mechanically scraped which allows for sediment to be excavated periodically using large pieces of equipment while maintaining the root structure of the grass which repopulates to conceal the system to provide a food source and cover for local animal species.