How is Grasscrete made?

Grasscrete is made by pouring concrete over “Formers”, a tool or mold that leaves voids in the concrete, that once opened can be filled with a variety of porous materials such as grass or gravel.

How are parking spaces delineated on a Grasscrete parking lot?

The use of traditional line paints is the most effective way to delineate stalls on a Grasscrete parking lot. Other methods, such as pouring the concrete in multiple pours, leaving a wider band of concrete between the stalls and planting brushes or shrubs in a predetermined pattern are all ways to distinguish between stalls and to control traffic patterns.

Is soil amending recommended?

Yes, a water retaining soil additive such as PAM or equal is recommended for grassed applications. It will retain moisture between watering or rainfall and will help aerate the root zone as it expands and contracts.