Grasscrete Installed Emergency Vehicle Access Enhances Office Complex

Grasscrete Parially Concealed Pervious Concrete Systems of Sustainable Paving Systems is a beautiful and durable solution to the emergency vehicle access needs of this office complex in Ivine, CA.

Bomanite Licensed contractor, T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc. worked with Wolcott Architecture to select the pervious concrete system that would work best with the intended use.  The office complexes at 16845 Von Karman Ave, Irvine California received an emergency vehicle access area that uses the Sustainable Paving Grasscrete System.

Access around or to buildings for fire trucks or other emergency vehicles are typically concealed with grass and defined with curbs, bollards or landscaping to complement the design of the structures and walkways.  The Partially Concealed Grasscrete System is engineered to provide long-term durability, low maintenance and structural strength.

Emergency Vehicle Access is beautifully achieved with Sustainable Paving Systems Grasscrete Partially Concealed Pervious Concrete Systems at this office complex in Irvine, CA, installed by Bomanite Licensee, TB Pennick & Sons.

The combination of concrete, steel and aggregate interlock ensures that Grasscrete can bear isolated loads; such as downriggers placed in an emergency situation with no support blocks. The robustness of the system minimizes the potential for failure during critical use.

Grasscrete, pervious concrete, constructed with one time use formers is time proven. Because of its structural integrity and continuous reinforcing, Grasscrete is not subject to the differential settlement that can occur with precast blocks and thin plastic products. The sustainable Grasscrete Molded Pulp Former System, used for the office complex project, has been engineered and field proven to bear the continuous weight of up to 114,000 pound vehicles along with such customized applications as military tank use or light speed rail track access– even when the sub-base becomes saturated making this ideal for this Emergency Access area.

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