Grasscrete Emergency Access Road Recommended by Local Fire Department

Grasscrete - Clovis Community Hospital
Grasscrete – Clovis Community HospitalGrasscrete Emergency Vehicle Access


The Clovis Community Hospital received a much needed emergency vehicle access road. The access road was recommended by the local fire department due to the need to get fire trucks close to an area that is difficult to reach in case of an emergency. The Grasscrete System was selected for the project due to its strength, durability and aesthetically pleasing design and the ability for driveable grass. Grasscrete Molded Pulp Formers were utilized for this project providing sustainability with their 100% recycled content and ability to degrade over time into the sub-soils. The project was completed within one day due to the Molded Pulp Formers ease of use. The day was spent on preparing the area to receive the Grasscrete pervious concrete system, laying the formers with reinforcement and then pouring the concrete. The former tops were removed and the concrete washed down the second day.

Grasscrete constructed with one time use formers is time proven. Because of its structural integrity and continuous reinforcing, Grasscrete is not subject to the differential settlement that can occur with precast blocks and thin plastic products. The Grasscrete Molded Pulp Former System has been engineered and field proven to bear the continuous weight of up to 114,000 pound vehicles along with such customized applications as military tank use or light speed rail track access– even when the sub-base becomes saturated making this ideal for the Hospital Emergency Access road.

• Structural Cast-In-Place System
• Sustainable By Design
• Very “Green” Product
• Endless Potential Applications
• Exceptional Durability and Strength
• Many Void Fill Options

Wooster Elementary School


Wooster Elementary School in the Greenbrier School District is a shining example of sustainability. It is the recycling center for the community and a learning environment for its students and parents on green building. As the first school in Arkansas to achieve a LEED® for Schools Silver certification, Wooster educates while enjoying lower operating costs through energy efficiency. Seeking LEED certification, Jackson Brown King Architects designed learning spaces with cutting-edge technology to lower energy costs. A combination of imprinted concrete and Grasscrete was chosen for the exterior walkways and play area. The Grasscrete is used to soften the space with grass and still allow for heavy foot traffic. Bomanite Licensee, Bomanite of Tulsa installed several thousand feet of Imprinted concrete with the Bomacron Coquina Texture, alternating with blocks of Grasscrete. The voids were filled with grass plugs.

Grasscrete attributes to LEED credits through reduction of Heat Islands, Water Effecient Landscaping and Stormwater Management. The Bomanite Imprinted Concrete uses Coquina Color Hardener that has an Albedo or Solar Reflectance of 0.5 – 0.6, falling within the LEED rated projects requiring an Albedo of >0.3 of surfaces requiring adequate Solar Reflectance.

Wooster Elementary School, completed in September 2008, demonstrates Greenbrier’s commitment to provide an environment for its students to become life-long learners with an emphasis on green living.