Grasscrete a Pervious Concrete Alternative Choice for Street Medians

Grasscrete Pervious Concrete

Grasscrete Pervious Concrete   Grasscrete Pervious Concrete

Did you know that Grasscrete a green pervious concrete is a great alternative choice for street medians? Did you know that Grasscrete can be used in circular patterns or flowing pathways? Grasscrete for street or road medians is a perfect choice when you want to create an environmentally friendly and functional green space or drivable grass area. Medians provide pedestrian refuge, can reduce the scale of the main street, and with added landscaping, make the public space more beautiful. Grasscrete, a pervious concrete, that uses biodegradable formers, does not restrict site lines and provides ease of access for maintenance workers with minimal maintenance requirements.


JP Morgan Chase Bank Eco-Friendly Parking Lot

JP Morgan SPS Grasscrete Application




JP Morgan Chase Bank Eco-Friendly Parking Lot















Approximately 130,000 square feet of Grasscrete was installed as a usable parking area for JP Morgan Chase Bank property in Columbus, OH. The parking area was designed to contain bands of regular concrete within the Grasscrete to provide access points for rolling loads or mobility impaired staff. The Partially Concealed Grasscrete System was installed over a drainage layer of crushed stone that will retain water; which was one of the city’s concerns as the Polaris facility is running out of water retention areas. Under drains were installed to catch additional water and pipe it to bioswales adjacent to the lot. Over all the Grasscrete parking area provides a much cooler, reduction in heat Island effect and more visually pleasing area than the typical blacktop parking originally proposed.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Receives Grasscrete Access Road

Grasscrete at MLK Memorial - 12



The Design-Build team for the memorial to commemorate the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. consisted of McKissack and McKissack, Turner Construction, Tompkins Builders and Gilford Corporation known as (MTTG). The site is adjacent to the President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial on the Tidal Basin and in a direct line between the Lincoln Memorial, where Dr. King delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, and the Jefferson Memorial, symbol of liberty and democracy.

The memorial honors Dr. King’s contributions to world peace through non-violent social change. Natural elements such as water, stone, and trees underscore the themes of justice, democracy, and hope. Quotes from Dr. King’s sermons and speeches capture the essence of his message in the commanding tenants of the American Dream – Freedom, Democracy, and Opportunity for All. The centerpiece of the Memorial, the “Stone of Hope”, features a 30-foot likeness of Dr. King.


Grasscrete was installed and is used for access to the back of the auxiliary building which houses the Martin Luther King Jr. bookstore, restrooms and a ranger station. The area is approx 2,000 square feet with the voids being planted with grass. The Grasscrete pour used a Buff Integral Color to provide a cohesiveness to the surroundings. The Grasscrete installation minimizes the non-pervious surfaces and includes a letdown between the sidewalk and street to allow daily access for the Park Ranger and maintenance vehicles. Detailed infomation regarding the memorial can be found at

Wooster Elementary School


Wooster Elementary School in the Greenbrier School District is a shining example of sustainability. It is the recycling center for the community and a learning environment for its students and parents on green building. As the first school in Arkansas to achieve a LEED® for Schools Silver certification, Wooster educates while enjoying lower operating costs through energy efficiency. Seeking LEED certification, Jackson Brown King Architects designed learning spaces with cutting-edge technology to lower energy costs. A combination of imprinted concrete and Grasscrete was chosen for the exterior walkways and play area. The Grasscrete is used to soften the space with grass and still allow for heavy foot traffic. Bomanite Licensee, Bomanite of Tulsa installed several thousand feet of Imprinted concrete with the Bomacron Coquina Texture, alternating with blocks of Grasscrete. The voids were filled with grass plugs.

Grasscrete attributes to LEED credits through reduction of Heat Islands, Water Effecient Landscaping and Stormwater Management. The Bomanite Imprinted Concrete uses Coquina Color Hardener that has an Albedo or Solar Reflectance of 0.5 – 0.6, falling within the LEED rated projects requiring an Albedo of >0.3 of surfaces requiring adequate Solar Reflectance.

Wooster Elementary School, completed in September 2008, demonstrates Greenbrier’s commitment to provide an environment for its students to become life-long learners with an emphasis on green living.