Grasscrete a Pervious Concrete Alternative Choice for Street Medians

Grasscrete Pervious Concrete

Grasscrete Pervious Concrete   Grasscrete Pervious Concrete

Did you know that Grasscrete a green pervious concrete is a great alternative choice for street medians? Did you know that Grasscrete can be used in circular patterns or flowing pathways? Grasscrete for street or road medians is a perfect choice when you want to create an environmentally friendly and functional green space or drivable grass area. Medians provide pedestrian refuge, can reduce the scale of the main street, and with added landscaping, make the public space more beautiful. Grasscrete, a pervious concrete, that uses biodegradable formers, does not restrict site lines and provides ease of access for maintenance workers with minimal maintenance requirements.


Grasscrete Molded Pulp Former a Sustainable Building Product

Molded Pulp Former
Pervious Pavement
Grasscrete Molded Pulp Former

Grasscrete Molded Pulp Formers are made from recycled newsprint and various other clean paper byproducts such as post industrial roll ends and post consumer circulated print, even candy bar wrappers!These biodegradable formers make Grasscrete a highly sustainable product with a very low life-cycle cost and the ability to be completely recycled and used in a future project.

Molded Pulp Former
Grasscrete Molded Pulp Former created from recycled candy bar wrappers

Utilizing pervious concrete products such as Grasscrete improves the environment through waste water management, minimization of heat island effect and various other detrimental issues associated with non-porous paving surfaces. Additionally, Grasscrete allows for continuous vehicular traffic such as a parking lot while supporting vegetation such as grass or ground cover varietals. Aesthetically pleasing while responsibly sustainable makes Grasscrete an excellent choice for many pervious concrete application.

JP Morgan Chase Bank Eco-Friendly Parking Lot

JP Morgan SPS Grasscrete Application




JP Morgan Chase Bank Eco-Friendly Parking Lot















Approximately 130,000 square feet of Grasscrete was installed as a usable parking area for JP Morgan Chase Bank property in Columbus, OH. The parking area was designed to contain bands of regular concrete within the Grasscrete to provide access points for rolling loads or mobility impaired staff. The Partially Concealed Grasscrete System was installed over a drainage layer of crushed stone that will retain water; which was one of the city’s concerns as the Polaris facility is running out of water retention areas. Under drains were installed to catch additional water and pipe it to bioswales adjacent to the lot. Over all the Grasscrete parking area provides a much cooler, reduction in heat Island effect and more visually pleasing area than the typical blacktop parking originally proposed.

Woodlands College Station Housing Development Project Receives “Green” Fire Lane

Grasscrete - Woodlands of College Station

grasscretepulpformerinstallGrasscrete Molded Pulp Former


Grasscrete provides a variety of landscape solutions while maintaining a sustainable, “Green” product design. As a cast-in-place, monolithic, pervious concrete pavement that is continuously reinforced to provide superior structural integrity, Grasscrete offers the ability to provide year-round access to a variety of applications without compromising surrounding aesthetics or environment.

With the use of the Molded Pulp Former made from 100% recycled paper products, Grasscrete installation costs are significantly lower, production is increased and environmental concerns are virtually eliminated. In the Woodlands of College Station housing development project, the designer’s at Kimley-Horn & Assoc., Inc. needed to find a functional and sustainable solution to create a fire lane with sidewalks constructed within to provide access between housing units in case of emergency. Needing a system fit to support large trucks and heavy vehicle loads, the solution was obvious–Grasscrete.

Without hesitation, the design team at Kimley-Horn contacted Texas Bomanite out of Dallas, TX and after passing a city required “Fire Truck Load Test”, the 30,000 sq. ft. Grasscrete project was underway with the economical and evident environmentally-friendly benefits of the Molded Pulp Formers. The Molded Pulp Former can be walked on by workmen and can even bear the weight of wheeled concrete, thus increasing productivity. Bound by only simple starch, the formers are easily broken down with pressurized water and the voids are opened with a simple “punch-type” tool. The 27’ fire lane with 12” solid borders striped with fire lane markings was installed with a 3000 PSI pea gravel concrete mix with Superplaticizer. The concrete was placed at a 6” slump using a pump-truck for several pours. With a 6” crushed stone base specified by the Engineer on the project, the Grasscrete System was reinforced with #3 rebar on 16” centers. The concealed system made to be seeded with 1.5” of topsoil or grass also encompassed sidewalks raised to 1.5” above the installed system; all enclosed by a picture frame border. Numerous valves, meter boxes and manholes were located within the fire lane and were adjusted to grade as well. With the installation going off without a hitch, the Grasscrete application proved to be exactly the high quality, cost-effective and sustainable solution that the project designer’s were looking for.