Sikorsky Flight Center Receives New Sloped Grasscrete Landing Pad

A sloped Grasscrete Helicopter Training Landing Pad at Sikorsky Flight Center creates a green solution to ensure no soil erosion, low maintenance and proper absorption of water to avoid runoff.

The Sikorsky Development Flight Center installed a Concealed Grasscrete slope landing pad in West Palm Beach, Florida for trainings and is still using today. Bomanite Contractor, Connery Concrete worked with Sikorsky Global Helicopters in constructing and installing different sloped Grasscrete slabs to simulate landings on a pitching aircraft carrier deck using the patented Molded Pulp Formers. According to the Sikorsky Commercial Newsletter “The new pad was officially opened in early January 2010. In addition to providing a world-class landing area … Read more

Grasscrete Solves Storm Water Management Erosion Problem With Tiered Paving Drop Structure

Sustainable Paving Systems Partial Grasscrete System is a pervious monolithic cast-in-place concrete suitable for this gabion tiered drop structure detention pond located in Denver, CO that was planted with varying grasses for greenspace and stormwater management.

The City and County of Denver needed to make improvements to the existing 38th & Holly Detention Pond. During small and larger storm events, water was collecting in Holly Street at depths up to approximately 1.5 feet. The water would then overflow the pond embankment along Holly Street to enter the pond and caused severe erosion to the embankment, meanwhile creating on-going maintenance concerns and repairs. In order to mitigate the issues, prevent future erosion and provide storm water management, … Read more

Sustainable Pervious Grasscrete Pavement For Maintenance Vehicle Access at Barnum Park Wetlands

Grasscrete Partially Concealed System At Barnum Park_22

The Denver Parks and Recreation Services were in need of a pervious, grassed pavement system for the maintenance access to the Barnum Wetlands Forebay. They sought out WHPacific, Inc. for recommendations. The vacuum truck used for maintenance weighs 103,000 lbs fully loaded. Grasscrete is a pervious concrete system that is designed to allow water to pass freely through voids while maintaining a structural integrity adequate to support the required vehicles. The perfect choice and fit for the Barnum Wetlands project. The Grasscrete system selected … Read more

Grasscrete – Meeting California’s Demanding Stormwater Retention Requirements

Grasscrete Fully Concealed installation at Orange County Great Park in Irvine, CA with a wide angle view of the park and the Emergency Access Road which meets state stormwater retention requirements.

The Orange County Great Park is aiming at becoming one of the largest and best metropolitan parks in the world, and is a public-private partnership between the City of Irvine and developer, Five Point Communities.  A large list of in-park amenities includes the Great Park balloon, carousel, kids rock play area, walkable historical timeline, historic Hangar 244, Palm Court, Farm + Food Lab, and the recently opened 53-acre sports complex.  The Orange County Great Park project is the ongoing transformation … Read more

Grand Estate Upgrades Driveway for Delivery Vehicles and Stormwater Management with Pervious Grasscrete

Essex County residential Grand Estate overview during the installation of upgrades by Premier Concrete Construction of Partially Concealed Grasscrete Pervious Concrete on a driveway for delivery vehicles and for storm water management.

The owners of this grand estate in Essex County, Massachusetts installed several decorative concrete systems throughout their property. The estate contains an indoor swimming pool, BBQ house, several patios and courtyards, a Barn and two garages, plus a full indoor basketball court that doubles as a Hockey Rink.  When it was time to upgrade they needed systems that were not only functional but also augmented the overall design aesthetics and ambiance of the estate. After working with Premier Concrete Construction, LLC on … Read more

Grasscrete Installed Emergency Vehicle Access Enhances Office Complex

Office Complex in Irvin, CA, have Grasscrete Partially Concealed Pervious Concrete Systems installed as emercency vehicle access lanes by Bomanite Licensee, TB Pennick & Sons.

Bomanite Licensed contractor, T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc. worked with Wolcott Architecture to select the pervious concrete system that would work best with the intended use.  The office complexes at 16845 Von Karman Ave, Irvine California received an emergency vehicle access area that uses the Sustainable Paving Grasscrete System. Access around or to buildings for fire trucks or other emergency vehicles are typically concealed with grass and defined with curbs, bollards or landscaping to complement the design of the structures and … Read more

Grasscrete – The Perfect Slope Protection for Landmark Auditorium

Lafitte Auditorium slope protection using Grasscrete Partially Concealed Pervious Concrete installed by Bomanite of New Orleans in Jean Lafitte, LA.

Mother Nature can alter the landscape well beyond a natural disaster.  Case in point is the Town of Jean Lafitte, Louisiana, when in September 2008, Hurricane Ike destroyed the town auditorium while flooding thousands of homes and businesses in Jefferson Parrish.  Critical to the existing auditorium’s success as a community landmark is its central location adjacent to Lafitte Library and both the elementary and middle schools. The Town was determined to rebuild and resolve site issues related to the floodplain. … Read more

Grasscrete – Good For Earth And Creative Minds

Wendt Residence project of Grasscrete Pervious Concrete installed by Premier Concrete Construction at an Artists and Musicians Studio for delivery vehicle access in a backyard area.

This project won the 2018 Bomanite Gold Award for Best Grasscrete Project installed by Premier Concrete Construction.  This backyard, adjacent to an Artists/Musicians studio located in Massachusetts, required an access area to accommodate large delivery vehicles.  More importantly, it required a permanent solution to storm water management and yet still maintain landscape aesthetics necessary to help nurture the creative minds of the occupants. Grasscrete was the perfect Pervious Concrete solution.  Not only can Grasscrete augment the landscape architecture and handle … Read more

Grasscrete helps LEED Gold Status Achievement for The da Vinci Campus

The da Vinci Campus achieves Gold LEED status with the installation of Grasscrete Stone Filled Pervious Concrete System by Texas Bomanite.

The da Vinci Campus is a GOLD LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) registered campus and was among the first of its kind to be dedicated solely to early childhood education. The 21,000 square foot campus was designed to operate in harmony with the natural environment, and teaches children about science, as well as environmental responsibility. Featuring many built and natural features visible and apparent to the children, students are able to see the scientific principles of the building … Read more

Sprouts Farmers Market Opens with a Void Concrete Grasscrete System

Sprouts Farmers Market in Denton Texas is LEED compliant with a parking lot using Grasscrete Stone Filled Pervious Concrete installed by Texas Bomanite.

The Sprouts Farmers Market Store located in Denton,Texas, incorporated a void structured Grasscrete parking lot into their build and design. The company needed a pervious pavement system that could control storm water drainage, stand up to emergency vehicles as well as offer a standard parking lot with delineated parking stalls. Working with the local Grasscrete Installer, Texas Bomanite, and the engineer, Winklemann & Associates, Inc. the parking lot was designed and installation of 14,775 square feet began with the layout of … Read more